Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Poetry Reading

I read at the Crescent Moon Coffee House last night, and it went very well. Two women from my writing group showed up, and someone from work was even there, although he didn't know I was reading when he came. I read three new pieces, which is the first time I've done that in a long long time. Then David played three songs as "part two" of the featured reader(s), and that felt good too. I called him my "special friend" when I introduced him, and he razzed me about that all evening.

"Razzed me" -- that's a term from the seventies, weird how vintage slang pops up once in a while.

I think I am moving back towards poetry, can feel it rather than just "think" I should do it. Which is good. When I give myself a break this afternoon I'm going to read some Stephen Dunn (Different Hours, the Pulitzer Prize winner).

Here's one of the new poems I read. I don't think it's finished, but David thought it was perfect.

On Seeing Harrison Ford at the Lincoln Municipal Airport

Oh Harrison Ford, you are smaller in person. Craggy,
magnificent all the same, your robins egg blue jacket
a bit much for Lincoln, Nebraska.

Now I'm on a tarmac when you come after me
telling me you want complicated life, or

We're in the adventure movie, on a plane, and
you don't know how to fly, saying
"how hard can it be?"

In a moment, I'm on Bravo and you're telling me
to be available to the moment.

My daughter and I will be leaving soon,
She to Minneapolis, I to New York.
In airports our lives can shift and change
from one place to another,

Oh Harrison Ford, where are you going?
I want to walk off a plane and into a movie
like you walked off a plane and into my life.

Copyright 2006 - Kim Tedrow

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday Musings

It's kind of strange to me to be making entries into this, knowing that I haven't shown it to anyone, that no one is probably reading it, but that it's available to anyone on the net. Are we overloaded with the personal thoughts and musings of others?

Who the hell cares what I ate for breakfast (peanut butter out of the jar) or what I think about Consumer-Directed Health Plans (they're good for employers and insurance companies but suck for consumers, esp working people)?

Or that last night I dreamt that I was supposed to play guitar in a jam session, knew only three chords and barely remembered them, that my boss was playing an accordion, and that I wanted to learn "Amazing Grace" before I flew to Paris for three days?

It's like standing in the middle of an empty four-diamond baseball field talking to the birds while a freight trains roars around the perimeter.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Still Waiting on Spring

Now I know why people go south to retire -- the older I get, the less I can tolerate winter. At this time last year, spring was here, I could smell the dirt, and I was getting that burst of energy that comes with longer days and warm weather. Now I just want to sleep until it's over.

This weekend I am going to polish some of my writing, do some art work, and work on the Web site. Tomorrow I go to Omaha to pick Anna up at the airport -- she's been in Madison since Wednesday, staying with her biological grandparents, whom she's never met. They're good people, I'm comfortable with that because I've met them several times in the past. Then Monday is the reading.

I'd like to start selling my artwork online -- am I good enough? David says I already am good enough, I'll never be completely satisfied, always wanting to do better. Well, I guess if I were satisfied, I wouldn't need to keep doing it.

Stopped at the antique store yesterday, picked up some linens (complete with a cross-stitched apron with huge pockets -- CUTE!), 1968 and 1954 Life Magazines (the 1968 had a cover story about Picasso!!!!), some lace collars and a couple of vintage photos.

I just discovered that I can't upload images to the blog from my Mac. Again, obsolete software on obsolete hardware. I couldn't figure out why the blog looked so bad on the Mac until I figured out that the layout was done in CSS, not in tables. Got that fixed for the Mac side easily enough, but I'm going to have to either figure out a way to do the images with HTML (probably reference them from my Web site) or do images files from work.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Learning Curve

I am just beginning to realize what a learning curve I face to get up to speed as a Web producer after almost five years out of that role. Today I spent my noon hour studying the blog template code, and was mortified at how little I recognized, even with the blog tag list in front of me. I need to find a focus, and I think I will have to zero in on content and useability, and leave development to the .... developers.

A harder thing to acknowledge is that my current computer and OS is obsolete, and I'll have to upgrade before I can be completely functional from home. Which is fine, except I once again face the decision of whether to abandon the Macintosh environment for Windows. The biggest hurdle on either side of the debate is expense: if I stay with Mac, I will have to spend more on the hardware than if I switch to Windows. If I switch to Windows, I will have to spend more on software, as I am not on an upgrade path with Windows software like I am with Mac software.

Actually, this is the first time I've seriously considered switching -- I've always been a staunch Mac person, and I'll likely stay that way. I like having a computer that looks like a Volkswagon. I am just tiring of having to wait to be at work in front of a PC before I can do a lot of things, including work on this blog's "look and feel", since IE for Mac OS9 doesn't handle most of what this blog tool can do.

Monday, March 20, 2006

First Day of Spring

About a year ago I started a blog on another service (that has since vanished), and my first post was "I smell dirt". That wonderful refreshing smell that comes with Spring.

Except today, first day of Spring, we're getting the first snowfall of the season. I have to laugh because, it would've been a snow day for Anna had she not been on Spring Break.

I am working on a new set of poems for the reading I am doing on the 27th. I haven't pulled stuff out of my journal and worked it for a few years, except for the poem about Anna being 16, which was a crowd pleaser at a couple of open mikes. Anything about being sixteen is probably good fodder for a slam.

Finished two collages this weekend, and did a couple of banners for the Web site. One of them I will use as a banner here. There are so many "should be doings" in my life, but I can't seem to stop making art. It's the only thing - besides David and Anna of course - that makes life bearable right now. I remember thinking that a few years ago, when things were tough, that art was the only thing that makes life bearable. So it's a coping behavior as well as being for its own sake.

Back to work.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Setting myself up

Setting up my Web site today, adding a blog, a gallery, writing samples. Cold and gray Saturday, good for falling into the computer all day. David playing at a St. Patrick's Day celebration in Havelock - I will go listen to him later.