Thursday, December 21, 2006

Somerset Studio

In the Jan/Feb 2007 edition of Somerset Studio are three articles/projects about assemblage of various styles. I was inspired by all three of them, and decided to try my hand at it. Below is the result -- a "hybrid" of the techniques in two of the articles ("Victorian Vignettes" and "Suspenders" something).

I didn't have any glass-lid-wood-boxes such as the article on the "Victorian Vignettes" suggested, so I made my own using a glass slide holder and some foam core board. Rather than drilling holes in the box and the photo, I mounted it on several small pieces of foam core to lift it from the background (that foam-core stuff is coming in handy).

I may still add something to the apex of the piece -- originally I had glued a pink rose from a piece of junk jewelry, but it just didn't fit the rest of the "pink" in the piece -- it wasn't whimsical enough (such a serious rose).

The box is just the bottom portion of a cigar box.

Also, I have a piece, "Ten Tag Sampler" on page 112 of the Jan/Feb 2007 issue.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

White Chunky Update

A quick update on the White Chunky Book project -- all of the books have been collated and are ready for binding. I'm also doing a "QA" on each of the books as I bind them, counting pages and ordering them alphabetically by first name of the artist. If I had it to do over again, I'd do the counting and ordering as the pages arrived.

Above: Ten White Chunky Books collated and bound (and a huge basketful of the rest).

The first couple of books I bound took me over a half an hour to bind, now I'm down to about twenty minutes per book. I may not get them all done before the weekend, but it will be close!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

ATC Challenge: Rubber Stamps

I did these pretty quickly, in less than an hour, in part because I had the faces/eyes stamped for a previous project. These didn't scan very well, they are much more interesting in "person." For this self-challenge I wanted to use rubber stamps for both the background and focal point.

For the background, I started by gessoing the card, then applied a coat of beige paint. I then stamped an image from Above the Mark in white pigment ink, then clear embossed it. I then applied a wash of copper paint, and the color pooled into the un-stamped areas.

For the focal points I stamped faces/eyes in sepia on glossy paper (ARTchix Studio). I edged both the focal points and backgrounds with a sepia Pitt pen.

The embossing resulted in interesting texture. Like I said, they are much better in "real life."

Friday's Work

Here's what I did yesterday (Friday) -- no particular challenge in mind, except for the color part. I wanted to do the background with layers of paint in primary colors, but that looked like mud. So I gesso'd over that, and started layering with blue only, because I liked the look of the blue that "peeked" through the gesso.

What this ended up being was the result of one of those "happy accidents." I had put a couple of layers of different blues on the backgrounds, and they weren't quite dry. I still wasn't happy with them, until I knocked over my water glass and they got soaked. Now I actually like them :)

I'm doing a QA on the Chunky Books, counting the pages, checking for doubles, etc, and then ordering them alphabetically by first name. Am I nuts?? More pictures of the Chunky Book project later today.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Thursday's Challenge

Yesterday I challenged myself again to work quickly. The other variables were that I had to use "good paper" from my stash, and again, use ARTChix images. I wanted to confront the part of me that wants to save the good stuff for my good art, such as the Basic Grey papers and other scrapbooking papers I have collected at the 4/$1 sales at Hobby Lobby.

I am not sure what my challenge for today will be, but I'm thinking maybe working fast and using transparencies or rubber stamps.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

More ATCs

For these I gave myself a challenge: work quickly, use painted backgrounds, and ArtChix images (I have a stash of ArtChix images cut out and ready to go that I haven't used.)

For the most part, I didn't embellish these, except for the one red one, onto which I put a shrink plastic clock lady head (Stampers Anonymous). I just thought she fit there.

Don't know how much time I'm going to spend in the studio today -- seems like there is a lot of other things to do: White Chunky Book stuff, put up Christmas tree, job-search related errands.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Don't have much to say today, have been mostly in the studio and cleaning around the house the past few days. Put together six ATCs. I have *got* to be able to work faster....

Hopefully I will have more to post soon!

Monday, December 11, 2006


I heard Michael Kors on Project Runway describe one of the dresses that Jeffrey (the designer) made as "ugly-beautiful," a kind of aesthetic. (An interesting column on "ugly-beautiful" as part of the Bohemian style: Bohemian Rhapsody: Embrace Your Style Song.)

Much much closer to home is the calendar page below. I've heard it said that "if you want to make a transition in your style of art, you're going to make ugly art." But this is ridiculous. I don't think this qualifies as ugly-beautiful, it's just plain ugly, but I like the term.

This didn't start out too well, even with the beloved Cara Mia stamp (Acey Deucy). Wrong choice of background paper, the bottom tip of the heart under the calendar portion. Then adding various magendas, reds, and pinks in the form of watercolor crayons, watercolor pencils and colored pencils--I couldn't get those related colors to work. I tried to salvage it with deep pink rick-rack and red seed beads but to no avail.

Why would I put this on my blog? It's good for some Monday morning humor.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

White Chunky Update

Just a brief update on the White Chunky Book -- I've begun collating, and below is a picture of what that looks like on the ground. So to speak.

I just began collating yesterday, and so far it doesn't seem to be going too badly. I did bind one of the books, and that definitely proves to be more of a challenge. Wasn't it my goal to have these done and out before Christmas? Stop laughing!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

2007 Art Calendars

I was totally inspired by Belinda Schneider's art calendar in the Nov/Dec issue of Somerset Studio. Having just bought a coil binder, I knew I was going to make a bunch of these. I've made two so far, each with a theme and a color palette. I too miss my stamps and want to find more ways to use them.

This one is for my daughter, in a sort of purply-green color scheme. All of the stamps I used were by Zettiology.

This one is for David, colors are red and black with gold accents. The theme is "nudes" and the stamps are either by ArtChix Studio (as is this one), or by PhotoArtStamps, which sadly no longer exists.

Which raises another issue for me -- I seem to compulsively need consistency and "matchy-matchy." I want to break out of that. So for the next one I am using some wildly varied background papers from my stash, and see how it works out. Of course all of the stamped images will be in black and white.....