Monday, February 19, 2007

More Floral Beauties

This one I am least happiest with. And I can't nail why. I love the look on the young woman's face, maybe she needed pluckier flowers.

This one turned out way better than I expected it to. Before I added the rose in the lower right and the trim (more from my vintage lace stash), I was going to gesso right over her. If I had to name her I'd name her Wallflower Wilma because the background looks like wallpaper.

This is my absolute favorite of the lot. I had such fun looking for that sunflower image, and found a bunch of scans of old fruit crate labels -- the sunflower is from one of those labels. And I think the headdress is just wild.

Spring is Coming

Have been working on this for a little while -- I've had these two images in my stash for a few months, and have always wanted to use them together. This is a 4x4" on canvas paper, hand stitched blah blah blah....more "Floral Beauties" later this evening.

Floral Beauties

OK so it's a bit "Victorian Cutesy", but I kind of like it. Her name just has to be Ada. I've made several of these 2.5 x 5" collages as part of a collaborative project for a Yahoo group I'm in. I like this sort of thing because it gives parameters and a focus: the size is 2.5 x 5", there has to be a woman and a flower(s). In the finished project, the pieces will be reduced to 1-1/4 x 2-1/2, the size of vintage cigarette cards.

This second one I like even better -- taken from a CD of color nudes I got from I don't know why I felt compelled to cover her nipples. Aside from the fact that they're covered with daisies, hence her name, "Daisy Jane" (anyone remember that song from circa 1976?).

I used some of the vintage lace that I bought on eBay, which is tiny tiny crochet work with crocheted roses. I know how to make these roses, and have done them as tiny as I can, but it's no where *near* how tiny these stitches are.

Speaking of eBay, I'm still on that eBay binge. EBay even sent me a thank-you note for all the activity LOL (I'm SERIOUS). I feel compelled to continue buying vintage cabinet cards and sewing notions. I feel that I have plenty of vintage lace. Since I joined Ebay (March 2004 I think), I've only made about 25 purchases, but 16 of those have been made in the past thirty days. The reason for the cabinet cards is simply that I want to have enough on hand to feel comfortable working with originals -- whether using them in collage or as "altered" pieces. Right now, the few I have, I want to save to scan and re-use. But I really love the work that others do with the originals, and would love to give that a try.

As for old sewing notions, I don't know what gives. I've always been drawn to collect them, and I'm usually the one to buy a baggie full of odds and ends at the antique/junk store a couple blocks away from here. I've used some in art, but again, it's more an impulse to collect.

It also might be that I have some sewing notions and odds and ends from each of my grandmothers. There's the frugality in how they saved things -- one was in high school during the depression, the other was raising kids during the depression. In my paternal grandmother's odds and ends, I found a darned sock, a darning wood-thing, snaps cut off of a garment (still sewn to the cloth), zippers cut out of clothing. They saved things like that. I want to do an assemblage in honor of this frugality using some of these items.

I only wish I had her button box, which gave me endless hours of enjoyment as a child. I loved looking at her buttons.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hoarding Instinct

What a ride these past few weeks have been -- new job, a couple of deadlines, a burst of creative energy....and an eBay lace binge. This piece was made rather quickly, I wanted to use some of the vintage lace scraps I'd just gotten in the mail this week, and a vintage nude seems perfect for that.

These scraps are amazing, they almost *vibrate* with their pasts -- a cuff here, a collar there, the lace at the hem of a slip cut off, one piece was literally disintegrating in my hand. What intrigues me most is the impulse of the previous owner to save these things, to see value in there. That's a rare thing today, and the lack of that seeing value in everyday things sometimes drives me nuts. When I open a package full of vintage lace scraps, or cabinet cards, or old sewing notions, I feel like I'm re-assigning value to something that's been discarded (even if I've paid money for it!). Which is what I think a lot of what the art we do is about. Or is it just misguided hoarding instinct?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Etsy Store

Well I took the big leap today and set-up a shop on Etsy: Here is one of the collage up for sale, it's one of my favorites, a 4 x 6 on stretched canvas, torn paper background with the heart anatomical drawing transferred with gel medium.

Maybe it's cabin fever or something but I have had this irresistible urge to buy stuff on eBay the past few days -- I'm usually pretty conservative with stuff like that. Anybody else having that problem? I can't seem to buy enough vintage lace . . .

Friday, February 02, 2007

If you need a smile....

Visit this page: Artkissed, and make sure your sound is on.