Wednesday, April 04, 2007

29 Random Things About Myself

See Chrysti's Blog entry for Wednesday, April 4th.

1. I learned to drive in a 1963 VW beetle (aqua).
2. I collect vintage sewing notions.
3. I too am allergic to my cats and won't get rid of them.
4. I don't have a favorite color, I love them all. Except orange.
5. My first TV crush was "Jack" on Daktari.
6. My first record album was Glen Campbell's "The Glen Campbell Album," a gift for my 10th birthday.
7. My favorite drink was a brandy godfather.
8. I come from the same hometown as SPAM (Austin Minnesota).
9. I haven't lived alone since 1981.
10. I still have my baby blanket.
11. I am allergic to peas, chick peas, lentils and lima beans.
12. My favorite TV show is Project Runway.
13. I can't stand listening to noisy eaters or gum chompers.
14. I can't decide whether I want to be a bird-lady or a cat-lady, so I am both.
15. I named my daughter so that her initials spell ART.
16. I was in a sorority for not-very-long.
17. I used to play the oboe.
18. I am the oldest of four children.
19. I am an Aries with Sagitarius rising and Capricorn moon.
20. I worked in restaurants for fifteen years.
21. I was a dot com casualty.
22. I am a published poet and artist.
23. I watch way too much HGTV.
24. I am addicted to French Silk pie.
25. I was a medical secretary for five years.
26. I've lived in Minnesota, Maryland, and Nebraska.
27. I wish I still owned my 1965 VW Camper Bus with a split windshield and a pop-top(it was DECORATED inside...).
28. I didn't see the ocean until I was 28 years old.
29. I tat.

1 comment:

Chrysti said...

This was so interesting!

I worked in restaurants for a long time as well. I'd love to ehar your story!

And i think we may need an HGTV 12 step program! Hmmm..maybe they could air it...