Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sunken Gardens, Accent Walls, and Time To Myself

I'm not normally a "nature photography" kind of person, but I thought darker color was unusual, and especially since they were about the only thing blooming yesterday in the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln.

I've always wanted to start a photo-log of the Sunken Gardens near my home -- pick a vantage point and shoot a photo from it once a week or thereabouts. This pic was taken yesterday (4/23), and virtually nothing is up and blooming right now except the tulips I photographed (above).

There were some people there cleaning the Koi pond, otherwise there weren't really any people there either.

Yesterday I took the day off from work to have a day at home alone, the first in a long time. I worked on an article for the local paper, did some paint-by-numbers (a wonderful meditation tool if you haven't tried it...), and walked down to the gardens.

I think I walked down to the gardens all of ONCE last year, because of a bit of an emotional block that I won't go into. Nice to be over that.

I'm working on an article for the local paper about "accent walls." Anything to do with decorating is interesting to me, I'm just having a hard time coming up with a good lead for the story. Interviewed a couple of designers, visited a show room, have done extensive research on the Web, even chronicled my own Accent Wall Disaster Room (I'm a renter and I didn't do it....).

OK, just a brief aside. My landlady grew up in the house I rent. At some point her father added a mud room (back porch) to the back of the house that essentially covered up two windows from the dining room. This is how they handled the windows: they boarded them up with plywood, and on the dining room side painted the plywood white and stuck black mirror tiles on it. This wall, of course, has sentimental value (as I'm sure my mother's work would be in her house...) and I can't change it.

OMG it's like living with a black hole in my space. I finally (after almost seven years) made something to cover the tiles up -- I slapped some gesso on some red rosin paper and did this sort of yellowy blue abstract grid thing with monoprinting using bubble wrap. I know it sounds awful but let me tell you it's better than the black mirror tiles. Anyway, that's an accent wall disaster story, at least I didn't try to faux finish it (which apparently is the most common DIY tragedy concerning accent walls).

The thing about accent walls is that just about anything goes these days. The most interesting accent wall technique/material I've come across is something called the "PlantWall" by a company named "Green Fortune." Check it out -- add a fountain and some wildlife and you could turn your living space into a little biosphere...

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