Sunday, June 24, 2007

GPP Street Team Crusade #9-What's That Smell?

Lavender and Rosemary

This month's GPP Street Team Challenge is "What's That Smell?" The challenge is to associate a scent with creativity, and to use it to get into a creative space psychologically.

Not too long ago, I had to appropriate a jar filled with lavendar and rosemary for some buttons I had collected. I moved the sachet materials into a plastic bag. In it were still some of the sachet envelopes.

I made these sachets in what must've been early 2003 for my first ever swap with the Stampsmith Yahoo Group. It was an "Ophelia" swap, which was to use that particular image (a favorite among Stampsmith stampers) in a piece of artwork.

I chose to base my artwork on that famous passage of Ophelia's speech in Hamlet about the herbs. I stamped the Ophelia image on shrink plastic and on the envelopes for the sachet, and wrapped them in lavender and green tissue paper.

This was my first swap, and was in the very beginning of my making art from stamps (which led me to collage). After moving the sachet and filling the jar with buttons, I get the scent every time I open that jar. It takes me back to that first burst of creative energy every time I open it.

Now, as a result of the challenge (thanks Michelle!), I am going to tuck one of the sachets into my journal, one of those Moleskin things with a pocket in the I can smell it every time I open my bag.


michelle ward said...

kim - thanks for joining the crusade on scent. love reading your story, and hearing that the scent reminds you of your first swap. sweet memory. tucking the sachet in your journal: perfect!

carlene federer said...

love your swap piece, how cool to have such a specific 'scent memory' of your creative journey!

Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful sachet and a lovely idea to keep one in your journal!

sue said...

Saving that first swap piece in your journal AND having the scent to associate with it, is pretty special! Besides the fact that it's a great piece-always loved that image:)

steff said...

beautiful piece, and so thoughtful!