Thursday, June 21, 2007

Scrap Art

These are three pieces I made while watching reruns of "Ugly Betty" and "Grey's Anatomy" this evening, inspired by Chrysti in her blog post: Mail Art Party. If you haven't read Chrysti's blog, you should, she is prolific and always inspiring.

Anyway, the idea of this is is to use up scraps you'd be throwing away to make small (4 x 6") paper quilts. No pressure to make "real art," just fun playing with scraps.

My problem: I don't throw scraps away. I have a "scrap drawer." It was so stuffed that I couldn't scrounge around in it anymore. So I decided to "unstuff" the scrap drawer (dump it on my table), and make some art in the spirit of the scrap quilts.
The unstuffed scrap drawer.

I made a couple rules for myself: one, I had to make the 4 x 6" size; and two, I had to use *only* stuff from the scrap drawer and nothing else.

I have a lot of "stamped scraps" in my scrap drawer, even the Mona Lisa. This version is from Lost Coast Designs, an awesome company with lots of great Da Vinci images and all sorts of whimsical designs.Above, the second piece. You can see the influence of "Ugly Betty" in the color palette here.
And above, the final scrap quilt.

TomTom the Studio Cat is on my lap, sharpening his claws on my arm, which means it's time for bed.

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Chrysti said...

They Look awesome! My favorite is the black & gold one!