Monday, July 30, 2007

GPP Street Team Crusade #10-Spread the Luv!

This was my first attempt at the spray-paint-stencil thing and I can't tell whether it was fun or I'm just stoned from the fumes. No seriously it was fun. I played around with different things as stencils -- the punched edge of a discarded calendar page, the stripes were made by putting a refrigerator shelf on the envelope, and the paisley effect was done by using the stencil three times, first in gold, then in black, then with white enamel. I kind of like the beveled effect it has.

It's a 6 x 9" envelope and the recipient is to be surprised!

Thanks Michelle for the challenge, and kudos for keeping up with all these comments!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Anna's Birthday - 19 years!

A "Baby Teeth Trinket Box" (altered children's board book) for Anna's 19th birthday. The transparency is of a picture of her holding a crystal ball when she was about ten months old.

Inside the box is one of the first pieces of jewelry I got her, a little ceramic heart pin with her name on it, and a tiny bottle with her baby teeth in it. "Eeeew that's gross!" she said, but what are you going to *do* with baby teeth anyway?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Three ATCs - new background techniques

Here are three ATCs I did over the weekend. I played around with the background techniques outlined in Chrysti Hydeck's article in Cloth Paper Scissors. I didn't actually go through all of the steps, I just stopped when they looked "done," whatever that means.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Things I am doing when I should be doing something else...

...taking pictures of the cats.
Serena, the UberKitty.

Spanky "you'll never catch me with my eyes open"

TomTom the Studio Cat snoozing on my foot.

July 4th - Bluegrass in the Vines

Went to a bluegrass concert at Prairie View Vineyard, a small vineyard outside of Lincoln this afternoon. What a great way to spend the fourth! And away from the insanity that this city indulges in every year. (that's a rant for another time)

Lye Soap, a Lincoln bluegrass ensemble, opened for the Earl Brothers of San Francisco. I had forgotten how much I LOVE live bluegrass, not having heard it much since I lived out east.

The Earl Brothers were passing through Nebraska on their way to the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Two New Pieces For Sale on Etsy

Just put these two nudes up on Etsy for sale: They were done on 4 x 6" stretched canvas. The backgrounds are torn/peeled paper, and the images are from Tallulah's, put on the canvas with a gel medium transfer.