Thursday, August 30, 2007

GPP Street Team - Make Some Noise!

This challenge is a no-brainer for me, except for the part about embedding audio on my blog. I gave up on that and will just give you a link to MY BOYFRIENDS MYSPACE:

David Furst - Call Me A New Day

He wrote, sang, played guitar, and produced this song. It was recorded two years ago, and I wish you could hear him now! His voice has gotten stronger and even has that sexy gravelly thing going on. Oh did I mention he's my BOYFRIEND. It feels weird saying "boyfriend" seeing as how we're both in our forties, but "domestic partner" doesn't sound right either...


michelle ward said...

kim - thanks for joining in the music crusad and for sharing your "boyfriend's" music! what a cool thing...lovely sounds!

Wabbit said...

I know how you feel about saying "boyfriend". I've even heard him trying out the old "significant other". His gramma rolled her eyes a bit at that one.

ra said...


Boyfriend, sigother, domestic partner, lifetime partner...A rose by any other name.

And congrats on keeping your poetry and creativity alive and going. I really admire that.

Hope all is well with you.