Monday, December 17, 2007

In This House Finale

I finished the "house" this weekend, made an "outside" front door with a picket fence. I covered the backs of the pages with dictionary pages and smudge over them with gesso and acrylic paint. I may at some point start decorating those too, but for now I'm calling this done.

Friday, December 14, 2007

In This House 7

OK I lied. The last one wasn't the last one...I had to make one more because (no I'm not compulsive or anything) for two reasons.

One, I want the "backs" of the rooms facing out when the house-book is closed, and for that I need six, not five, rooms (I'm not using the first one I did cuz I changed my color palette). Two, I forgot my romance room. Gotta have that.

For this one I used the layered paint technique inspired by Chrysti Hydeck, a saucy vintage image, the famous phrenology head, and a transparency of a birdcage. Also, some silver metal roses from ArtChix Studio.

I didn't consciously attach a symbolic meaning to the head in the birdcage, although in retrospect it is a pretty good metaphor for some of my past romantic relationships. heh.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In This House 6

This is my final "room" for this particular project (I'm not including the first one I did), and I didn't have any particular theme or idea in mind here. I started off simply wanting to use a new "Paisley" stamp from Stampabilities. It evolved from there. I used some things that I've had laying around for over a year: the little tags with the faces on them, the "inchies" I made around the time of the White Chunky Book, as well as the eyelets and wire (that I have plenty of but don't often use).

I also used some snippets of text I've collected from old romance novels. I actually think the text is not easy to see -- they don't "pop" out as separate from the background. I actually struggled with that for a while and decided to leave them that way. I think I don't want to do the artistic equivalent of "shouting," let them be messages that the viewer has to look for.

Monday, December 10, 2007

In This House 5

Oddly enough, I consider myself a writer first, and an artist second. I've been writing since grade school, and have only been doing art for about five years. But then again, I've done much more artwork than writing poetry in the past five years....So this room is for the poet in me.

I had a hard time with the background on this one, and it ended up to be about eight layers of paper, gesso, image transfers, more gesso, another transfer, and then finally I wrote across the entire background in white India ink. You can't see it terribly clearly, but it's there. All of the writing is snippets from various poems in my manuscript.

The word "POET" is done in faux typewriter keys -- a typewriter alphabet (Stamp Camp) stamped onto glossy white cardstock, cut out with a circle punch, and then adhered to washers from the hardware store. They are glazed with Diamond Glaze, which I hope clarifies after it's dried for a couple of days.

It also occurred to me that I might post a poem now and then, but I'm more hesitant to post the writing than I am the artwork. Go figure.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

In This House 4

I had a hard time calling this one "done." I kept wanting to add more collage elements to it, but that just didn't work.

When I was doing this piece, I was thinking about the bedroom I had in an apartment in Minneapolis. My apartment was part of the 2nd and 3rd floor of a renovated house. My bedroom was on the third floor, away from the rest of the apartment. There was a south facing skylight in the roof, and I positioned my futon directly across from the skylight, so I could watch the moon traverse the window. It had a magical effect on the room, it felt like a spiritual and austere place.

Although parts of my life were in turmoil, it was also one of the happiest times of my life. I had a gorgeous baby girl, I was in school (which I love), and I had this great place to live. I wasn't doing art at that time, that would come much later (although I did let my daughter paint on the walls....).

Sunday, December 02, 2007

In This House 3

I've always been an introvert, even as a young child. My mother often says that I could keep myself entertained for hours. I've always needed a certain amount of solitude, which has caused some conflict in relationships. I get pretty ornery if I don't have my "down time."

On another note, over the past couple of months I've been so busy with the chunky & skinny books, and making things to sell at a home boutique, that I really haven't had a chance to just do creative work for its own sake. I am really enjoying doing these "rooms" because they truly are creative introspection.

In This House 2

I love the white-on-white theme, and have worked with it often in the past. So it's no surprise that I love Nina Bagley's house in "In This House," and that my own "house" project took a turn from the bright-girly colors of the first room to the shades of white in this one.
I call this room "The Wedding Room." When I got married, I didn't have a wedding for various reasons, and I still regret that. The whole story behind it is too personal for blog posting, but that the piece is solitary and wistful offers clues. Also that the vintage lace is so worn it is nearly falling apart. I want to make the story part of the piece, so I may use the back of the room to tell the story - write it out and slip it into an altered library pocket. The back story. :)