Monday, December 10, 2007

In This House 5

Oddly enough, I consider myself a writer first, and an artist second. I've been writing since grade school, and have only been doing art for about five years. But then again, I've done much more artwork than writing poetry in the past five years....So this room is for the poet in me.

I had a hard time with the background on this one, and it ended up to be about eight layers of paper, gesso, image transfers, more gesso, another transfer, and then finally I wrote across the entire background in white India ink. You can't see it terribly clearly, but it's there. All of the writing is snippets from various poems in my manuscript.

The word "POET" is done in faux typewriter keys -- a typewriter alphabet (Stamp Camp) stamped onto glossy white cardstock, cut out with a circle punch, and then adhered to washers from the hardware store. They are glazed with Diamond Glaze, which I hope clarifies after it's dried for a couple of days.

It also occurred to me that I might post a poem now and then, but I'm more hesitant to post the writing than I am the artwork. Go figure.

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