Friday, December 14, 2007

In This House 7

OK I lied. The last one wasn't the last one...I had to make one more because (no I'm not compulsive or anything) for two reasons.

One, I want the "backs" of the rooms facing out when the house-book is closed, and for that I need six, not five, rooms (I'm not using the first one I did cuz I changed my color palette). Two, I forgot my romance room. Gotta have that.

For this one I used the layered paint technique inspired by Chrysti Hydeck, a saucy vintage image, the famous phrenology head, and a transparency of a birdcage. Also, some silver metal roses from ArtChix Studio.

I didn't consciously attach a symbolic meaning to the head in the birdcage, although in retrospect it is a pretty good metaphor for some of my past romantic relationships. heh.

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