Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Paper Quilt-Pink Roses

I made this paper quilt to enter into the True Colors challenge from Cloth Paper Scissors. Of course, I am still knee-deep in pink doo-doo. I used Beryl Taylor's fabric paper method, as outlined in the premiere issue of CPS. I didn't do her method "by the book," however, as I didn't layer quite as much because I wanted the color to do the screaming :).

I used many different materials in this, which made it a lot of fun. For materials, I used muslin, plain paper, tissue paper, old book paper, and paper towels. For color I used rubber stamp inks (the center panel), Procion dye (hot pink, orange and red), acrylic paint, Portfolio water soluble oil pastels, Krylon gold leaf pen, and probably something else that I can't remember right now...oh yeah, gold webbing spray (the paper towels, which are the corner pieces).

For the roses, I found a photograph of a rose that I liked and in Photoshop applied the "photocopy" filter until it was basically two-toned black and white. I re-sized it, and printed several copies. I made a template by using the shapes of the petals, cutting smaller shapes each piece I cut. I then used these four pieces as templates, and cut them out of the fabric paper, and gluing them at the center in layers.

I hand-dyed the rick-rack with the same Procion dye colors I used on the paper towels and roses. It was vintage rick-rack, thankfully, and was 100% cotten. I tried to dye some "nylon" rick-rack (new) and it was pathetic. I wonder if cotton rick-rack is even made anymore...

On a completely different note, David and I are going to see Henry Rollins do a spoken word show tonight here in Lincoln. Last year we were lucky enough to catch his show with his old band in Denver. More after the show.

('re thinking, 'how does someone who makes pink quilts get into Henry Rollins?')

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Val Foster said...

Wow! This is gorgeous. I love it - the colors, the textures, the rose - all of it. And the way you made the rose was very creative and inventive. Kudos to you for this beautiful work of art.