Saturday, June 28, 2008

Altered Barbies

The most recent challenge for our art group was "altered Barbies." I have to confess, I really wasn't fired up for this one like everyone else was, but started a couple of them a few weeks ago anyway.

Basically I started with trying to spray paint them with "Fusion" plastic paint. While that works well for the hard plastic on the dolls, it makes the rubber (face and legs) STICKY. So I went through some trial and error before I was able to cover them. What I ended up using was the Krylon spray primer, which seemed to bond well with all of the parts. But not until I'd tried gesso, polymer varnish, and regular acrylic paint.
I did two dolls, seen below: Medusa Barbie and Hood Ornament Barbie.
Medusa Barbie, after being primed with the spray primer, was painted using craft paint and Lumiere's green and turquoise. I cut off most of her hair and gooped it up into a cone using Golden's molding paste. I then made a bunch of Creeper Crawler worms to use as the snakes. I used the Creeper Crawler oven I got for Anna about fifteen years ago! I can't believe I kept that! A N Y W A Y Thank God for hot glue because that's what I used to attach the snakes to her head, as well as the sheer fabric and beaded trim I attached to her body.
Hood Ornament Barbie came about as an ephiphany while I was dismantling my second Barbie to try and make a "Interdimensional Barbie" (I'm not going there...). The upper half of her body reminded me of a hood ornament, so I scrapped Interdimensional Barbie and did this instead.
To make her, I first separated her into two pieces at the waist. More trouble than it was worth, she has some kind of weird mechanism holding her together and I basically had to pry her apart with pliers and remove a Phillips screw from the mechanism blah blah blah. I then hot-glued her torso to a wooden base left over from one of those wooden art model figures. Thank God again for hot glue. I then applied molding paste to her hair, and modeled it and supported that with wire to make her aerodynamic.
After I had her assembled and coiffed, I primed her with the Krylon spray primer. When that was dry I used the Ace Hardware brand of chrome spray paint. I was really surprised - and pleased - that it dried without being sticky.

2 comments: said...

these altered Barbie are great. thanks for sharing the how-to's.

Anonymous said...

I think these are great. Especially the hood ornament
(re: creepy crawler & can't believe you kept it? I still have mine from "choke", over 40 years ago. Yes the original. I've been trying to figure out "how" to use it since they don't make the original high heat goop anymore. Sigh.