Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Barn Swallows

I've been having so much fun watching these baby barn swallows at the entrance to my morning job at UNL (Othmer Hall). This morning I took my camera explicitly for that purpose, and when I got there someone else was also taking a picture. "Great minds think alike" and all that. What's really a hoot is when the mother swoops by - she doesn't even have to stop at the nest - all five of those mouths open at once. I wish I could've caught that with the camera. Otherwise, I think all baby birds look like they're smirking. Especially the one on the far right. They look fully feathered and are probably close to leaving the nest. That nest is a nice bit of engineering, plastered to the structure the way it is. Apparently it's been there for a few years.

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