Monday, June 23, 2008

Coming soon...froufrou seizure

Call me crazy, but I've been sewing doll clothes lately. For FUN. Here is a picture of my new Blythe doll in her gown called "froufrou seizure." I'm building an inventory and will open a new Etsy shop within a week or two. Stay tuned! I will also be keeping a separate blog to coincide with season 5 of Project Runway called -- of course -- Project Blythe. I will take on each week's challenge and make an outfit for her. What fun!

I haven't decided on a unique name for this particular doll, so suggestions are welcome! Yvonne, after my mom, might be good.

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jodytheartgypsy said...

She's Gorgeous, Kim!! Can't Wait to See the Can-Can-Cat Dolly As Well. Had a Great Time Having Coffee Today!!