Friday, July 25, 2008

Feng Shui Writing

So I've been thinking about the principles of Feng Shui as applied to writing, poetry in particular. I like the idea of thinking about poems spatially. Years ago I had a dream about one of my favorite poets -- she and I were talking about a poem, and it was in front of us like a sculpture -- in 3D. (The weirdest thing about that was that an image similar to that showed up in one of her poems years later - I've never been in touch with her).

Anyway, thinking about poems spatially, or thinking about how "Chi" or energy flows through a poem, or even going more literal in terms of describing a particular space created specifically with Feng Shui in mind, could all be directions in which this idea could move.

Anyone out there have some thoughts? I'll write more as the ideas develop.

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