Monday, October 27, 2008


Tom-tom claims the old dairy crate from the "Pure Seal Dairy," one of the treasures from the Lansing Creamery auction (scroll down for more photos).

Friday, October 24, 2008

Calendar Girl

***Scroll down for auction photos***

In addition to being the August 2009 image, my artwork was selected as the cover piece for the Vintage Image Madness 2009 calendar. Thanks Casie!
The calendars are on sale now, just $10, at the Vintage Image Madness Etsy Shop.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Auction Photos

(above) The building is auctioned. My dad is sitting in the chair in the background. The property and lot sold for $7500. Yes that's right, two zeros. And my dad made a profit on the building! He paid $500 plus back taxes for it in 1965.
Rusty wheels and tailpipes.
More wheels and tires.
Spoke wheels and an old car door.
Boxes and boxes of vintage car shop manuals. Towards the lower right there is a 1966 Montgomery Ward catalog that I grabbed for collage work.
Three rusty reel lawn mowers. I remember when my dad actually used these.

Monday, October 20, 2008

More Auction and a Movie

Auction Coverage - Lincoln Post-Bulletin October 20th

What I Did This Weekend

My Dad's Creamery Auction - Video from Austin's Post-Bulletin
Austin Daily Herald - October 15th 2008
Austin Post-Bulletin - October 17th 2008Getting ready for the auction on the 17th.At the start of the auction it was pretty foggy outside. I almost didn't find the place just because I couldn't see more than a half block in front of me.

A little closer, the auctioneer is in the lower left.
From left to right: my sister Kathy, me, dad, my brothers David and Peter.
A pretty decent crowd, mostly guys for mostly "guy stuff."

More Auction Photos

The attic of the creamery. My dad and I were rummaging around up there and I found a box with some of my grandmother's sewing notions and buttons. And a box of worsted weight wool -- those have probably been up there for 30 years, and I was thrilled. Among the buttons I found were some clear orange glass buttons that I remember in my grandma's button box when I was little.
Among the auction items was a 15 gallon crock that sold for hundreds of dollars.
If you read any of the articles about the auction, you know that my dad had an old car hobby -- these were a few front ends and bumpers up for sale. I love how these look, I can almost imagine them being part of the decor of an urban loft.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two New Pieces

Two new "paintover" technique pieces, available on Etsy. Don't have much to say about either one of them, the first of course being a bit of a "remake" of the calendar piece.