Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vent: selling on eBay using PayPal

I just need to vent a little.  I've been listing things on eBay lately - nothing big or fancy, just stuff I want to get rid of for a little extra cash.

So, I list 11 pair of  earrings (clip and pierced) plus some misc. jewelry findings and doo-dads. I started the bidding at 99 cents. I added shipping charges of $5.50 for a small flat-rate priority box.

Here's how it works out.
I sold it to a buyer for the starting bid - 99 cents. That's .99 + 5.50 for a total of $6.49.

I get the money via PayPal. Automatically they charge me 49 cents for this payment. That's 2.9% plus a flat fee of $.30.

I now have $6 left of this payment.

eBay takes 9% of the total amount - $6.49. That's $.59.

I now have a total of $5.41.
I paid $.30 to list it (2 add'l pics).
I paid $5.00 for the postage.

That's an 11 cent net. That's w/o charging for packing material, my time (at least 45 minutes for listing and packing), and gas to get to the P.O.

So, I get this notification of funds received, and PayPal sends me an email stating that they hold the funds for up to 3 weeks. Because I don't have enough history as a seller.

This is just wrong.

I started selling a bit of stuff - not much - just to get rid of it and earn some extra cash for a trip I'm taking. I can see how I shouldn't complain about the fees because I know these up front, however I do think collecting fees on shipping cost is theft - I have to charge extra for shipping just to cover the fees on shipping or I lose money!

But not getting my money for several weeks - that ought to be illegal. The "money" I earned for my trip won't be available to me until after I return from it.

This makes the hassle of holding a garage sale look like a breeze.

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theresa martin said...

That's crazy! I stopped selling on Ebay after they started raising the prices. It sounds like it's gotten even worse over time. Sorry for your experience there. But glad you're still taking your trip :)