Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DC Trip Collages 9/2/11 - 9/8/11

When I travelled to DC, I cut myself some slack on the daily collages. Instead of forcing myself to do a collage a day, I put together a little travelling collage kit (scissors, glue stick, paper, a couple of pens) and collected things for collage.

My flight left at 6:45am...so I didn't bother going to bed Friday night. So while my flight took place on the 3rd, it felt like it was one long day starting on the 2nd.

On the flight I sat next to a very tall, muscular man. Now I'm 5'3" and I was feeling claustophobic, I can only imagine how he felt. For the entire flight, he hung his suit coat over his head and covered his face.

September 2nd, 2011
I went to pick up my rental car and as soon as I left the airport I got lost. I drove around DC for about two hours (on no sleep) until I found a place to pull over (not easy in DC) and call my daughter.  With the help of her GPS, she found me and I followed her back to her place.

Between getting lost and the fact that I didn't buy insurance at the rental counter, I barely drove the car. I had reserved an economy car, but all they had left was a sportscar (Eclipse). I sat so low in it I had to lean over to see over the steering wheel.

Note: if you rent a car, find out if the credit card company provides rental car insurance if you use that card to pay for the reservation and to secure it. Many of them automatically provide it when you rent a car. Don't get suckered into buying the rental company insurance that costs more than the rental itself.

My daughter didn't have any coffee so I drank the single serving stuff that comes in a teabag.
September 3rd, 2011
On Sunday Anna and I went into Takoma Park, which is where we lived from 1994-2000. We went to Mark's Kitchen where we had burgers (mmmmm ginger burger) and mud-pie. Then we went to my favorite off-beat gift shop, "Now and Then". Then we went to S&A Beads.

It was nice to see that the neighborhood newspaper "Takoma Voice" is still going strong.
September 4th, 2011
On Labor Day we went to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. That probably wasn't the best idea: it was crowded, the water was too cold even for toe-dipping, and the traffic sucked. I of course sought out the tacky seashell gift shop and bought some *pink* sand. For my daughter, who drove, it was a labor of love. Anyway, the saving grace of the day for me was the discovery of a Chico's outlet on the way there. Whoohooo!
September 5th, 2011
On Tuesday I took the Metro downtown.  The day was unusually cool for DC in September, and it was drizzling on and off. After I had been wandering around unsupervised for a couple of hours, I met an online friend in person for the first time. We hung out and then trolled the various museums. And their gift shops of course (do you see a pattern here?). This was especially cool because you never know how you're going to click with someone in person, and we "clicked" right away, which made for a great time. This was extra fun because both she and I are introverts, and meeting new people can be difficult if not nerve-wracking.

I bought a "mighty wallet" (made of Tyvek) in the Museum of Natural History gift shop. It had a Neko Kitty print design. Hence the "might mighty mighty" on the collage.
September 6th, 2011
On Wednesday it rained all day, and I didn't want to walk to the Metro (which is a good 1/2-3/4 mile from my daughter's apartment),so I stayed in and played with the various images and goodies I had collected thus far. In addition to the various brochures and maps I picked up along the way, I have some gorgeous gift wrap (Audubon and William Morris) from the National Gallery of Art (giftshop). 
September 7th, 2011
I left on Thursday.  I had my daughter grab her GPS and drive the rental car to the airport. We left her place at 3:30pm (my flight left at 8pm) and got to drive through the beginning of the rush hour. ("Rush Hour" is a misleading term, as it is "Rush Hour" all day in DC).  I wasn't supposed to let anyone else drive the rental car but in this case it was probably a good thing. I'm not an aggressive driver, and you pretty much have to be to get anywhere in the traffic in DC. Since I wasn't supposed to let her drive it, we did a "Chinese fire drill" at a red light just before we got into the airport.

We got to the airport much more quickly than we expected (by 4pm), so I got to wait four hours for flight time. Then the plane was delayed an hour and a half delayed due to weather. The bright spot in all of this was that the plane wasn't full, and I got two seats to myself and was able to spread out and work on my collages. I arrived in Omaha at about midnight, appreciating the lack of traffic and my 1997 manual tranmission Corolla.

September 8th, 2011

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