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Friday, September 30, 2011

GPP Street Team Crusade 55: Disappearing Act

I don't get over to Michelle Ward's Green Pepper Press Street Team Crusades often enough. The crusades are always fun and instructive.

This month's Crusade challenged us to create a background using two colors, allowing them to blend, and then creating a focal image with a stamp using the same colors, allowing the image to "drop out" into the background in places.

I ended up using three colors and an alphabet stencil instead of a stamp.

The issue with this was that I couldn't decide which color I wanted to have "disappear". So I started stenciling over my stenciling using all three of the colors (hot pink, orange and yellow), which gave me this effect of a printer with the registration off a bit.  OK, off a lot.....and I love the result. (Honest, I did not futz in Photoshop with the saturation levels in this scan.)

September 2011 GPP Street Crusade: Disappearing Act

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jgr said...

Kim, this is SO cool, I love the neon colors and the out-of-register effect is wonderful!

Vee said...

I love how this turned out! The colors are awesome and not overwhelming. Love the staggered look of the stencils as well!

goudenregen said...

the alphabeth stencils give a great result and your colors really jump off the screen.

Michelle said...

Love the use of the stencil - I think you've got this technique nailed!

Barbara Marie said...

Your vibrant colors are so much fun and the fade-a-way effect of the stencil worked perfectly!

Karen Isaacson said...

what a cool result! I totally want to try this now!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's all - just WOW!