Monday, September 05, 2011

Hello Kitty and the Target Zone

I was in Target last week, and went into the Target Zone - that state of mind where you wander through the store looking at stuff and trying to think of reasons to buy it.

This time, however, I zoned out on Hello Kitty merchandise. The first thing I found was a small tin Hello Kitty lunch box.  I resisted that. Then it was the Hello Kitty t-shirts in Juniors. I resisted that too, probably because I already have one. When I found that, there were sold out, so I took the display piece. Anyway, the next items I resisted successfully were Hello Kitty nail stickers, lip gloss, and other cosmetics marketed to grade school girls.

Then I passed by the back-to-school items, dangerous because everything was on sale. The Hello Kitty backpack. A Hello Kitty lunch tote. ANOTHER Hello Kitty lunchbox with matching thermos, soup container and water bottle. I walked away from all, proud of myself for resisting these even while in "the zone".

One my way to the registers, feeling proud, out of the corner of my eye....I saw....HELLO KITTY DUCT TAPE. I caved. I didn't even have to think about it. No guilt, just absolute delight. Oh but it gets even better.

On Saturday afternoon, when I arrived at my daughter's apartment, the first thing I saw was on the top of the fridge. It was....A HELLO KITTY LUNCH BOX. Later that day,  she received a matching hot pink HARDHAT. Hello Kitty rocks. Pink rules.

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