Saturday, March 03, 2012

One (or Two) a Day - March 3rd, 2012

I evolved into a mixed media artist by way of rubber stamping. I'll never forget discovering stamps - it was 2002, I was unemployed (a casualty of the dot-com bust), and was in a Barnes and Noble leafing through Photoshop books, hoping to brush up on my skills (no pun intended). I sat in one of their stuffed chairs, and on the coffee table in front of me was an issue of Stamper's Sampler (February 2002). I had never seen anything like it, and I remember thinking, "this is SO COOL".  I still have that issue, I reclaim that sense of wonder every time I look at it.

Over the next few years I developed an impressive collection of rubber stamps. I really took off running when I discovered unmounted stamps and the small business/cottage industry stamp companies online: Above the Mark, Silver Crow Creations, The Stampsmith, Stampers Anonymous and Zettiology, to name a few of many (I know I've left a few of my favorites out). I was definitely a member of the "if it doesn't move I'll stamp on it" club.

Like many, though, I moved on to other techniques and media. Vintage magazines, collage sheets and "authentic" ephemera displaced my stamps.  I want to be a "real" artist, and stamps, I thought, were craftsy. The "Stampers Sampler" gave way to "Somerset Studio", "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" and beyond.

But I've missed my stamps. I loved collecting them and using them. I still have binders and shelves full of stamps, as well as "too many" inkpads. So I've been trying to think of ways to incorporate them into my work. Bring them out of the closet, so to speak.

In doing so, I try to think of it this way: a stamped image *is* a printed image, except that I control the medium and the substrate. And, as far as my daily collages go, I'm doing this for other reasons than to make "fine art". If I make "good art" that's a bonus, not the goal. (If I sound defensive it's because I am.)

So this week I've pulled some binders off my shelves and started stamping. I did two collages today using a photostamp image from The Stampsmith. The first one was the "good" impression, black dye ink on glossy cardstock; for the second collage I used a "practice" impression. (I think like the second one better.)

March 3rd, 2012: No. 1

March 3rd, 2012: No. 2


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love both of these collages Kim and I really liked reading your thoughts on rubber stamping. I have to admit I still use my stamps all the time in collage work. Not always, but they are often just what the piece needs. Plus I love using them! I discovered rubber stamps in 1990, when my youngest son was 6 years old and given a birthday gift of a stamp set (inkadinkadoo) from my sister.

Even though I sold or gave away many stamps when we moved from CT to FL, I still have an over abundance of these printing tools. I like how you think!

Ally White Cat said...

This is a beautiful piece of art. soft and flowing..wonderful combination and blending.

big hugs,
susan s.

Debbie said...

Beautiful! I love the SS Marilyn images. What a great idea to use the photo stamps in collages like this! I really like them! Always looking for new ways to use them.

I'm a newbie on the DT, and it took awhile to get use to using photo stamps, but now I am hooked!

I am a stamp addict! I like vintage photo stamps, the wonderfully weird, odd and not "cute" stamps. I especially love the Daniel Torrente stamps at Stampotique and Tim Holtz rubber!

Awesome art!