Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jiffy Lube - I was warned but didn't listen...

Took my '97 Corolla into a Lincoln Jiffy Lube for an oil change last week. I had actually stopped using Jiffy Lube several years ago, but this time I was in a hurry and wanted to make sure my oil was changed and my tires were inflated for a rapidly approaching trip to Minnesota.

At the time of service, I was led to believe that my vehicle was "unsafe to drive" because of the coolant and that I needed it "flushed". I was told the coolant in there wasn't made anymore.  Because I had traveling to do and didn't have time to take it to my mechanic, I agreed to purchase the service. They just HAPPENED to be having a special on it. When I got home, I looked further into the radiator/coolant issue.

I checked my service records and researched recommended coolants and service intervals for my '97 Corolla. Here's what I found:

  -My last radiator flush was 8,000 miles ago, so I highly doubt that I needed another one. NOWHERE have I seen that a coolant be flushed at less than 10,000 miles, and in the research I did, the mileage interval was many times higher (60,000 at one recommendation). 
  -My Toyota had red coolant in it and they replaced it with green coolant. This should not happen. The red coolant is to be used with Toyotas, and the type of coolant should be consistent from flush to flush.
  -The red Toyota coolant is available at, among other places:, therefore, it is still being made.

In addition (and this seems minor in comparison), I informed the attendant that I didn't need the interior vacuumed, and to not bother replacing the washer fluid as the washer fluid tank has a leak in it. When the attendant showed me my near-fatal coolant situation, the washer fluid tank was full and dripping profusely. So much for communication among the staff.

I had been warned about Jiffy Lube and this type of practice, and now I warn others.

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